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Hardy- Krischkowsky                                                                                                                                                      

(Text by Wolfgang Martin, chiefeditor of Antenne Brandenburg)

What have David Gilmour, Gary Moore and Steve Vai in common?

They are „ Guitar Gods“. They´ve been  stars of the international rock and blues scene for over ten´s of years.

And they have inspired and influenced generation of musicians.

The Berlin musician Hardy Krischkowsky is one of them...... he grew up with the music of Pink Floyd, from the moment he got his first guitar he practised obsessively to reproduce their style,sound and every note.

It all began.....
In the mid 70´s in Berlin-Köpenick, with his old school friend Mario Hempel, today manager of the classic-open-air-concerts at the Gendarmenmarkt and the Pyronade on the Maifeld in Berlin..... Rehearsal´s, Rehearsal´s, Rehearsals......establishing the duo REPORT....,live performances.....from the begining their own songs....later even produced for radio by the music studio „Stern Meißen“....productions by the DDR firm Amiga records.....international performances in east and west...., T V appearances in all once well-known DDR programs e.g the teenage program „rund“.....,“bong“.....,ect......Titles like „Herz das schlägt“ and „was soll ich tun“    and many others belonged to their hits.

Brandmark was the guitar orientated relaxed pop style, sometimes more rock,sometimes more blues.


And ever present was David Gilmour. There followed various other groups and guest appearances, also cover bands , who became popular, because Hardy not only played the orignal sounds of Pink Floyd and all the other
hero´s and still does  today, but also developed his own repertoire professionally, even under all those other influences.
Hardy Krischkowsky learned in the 90´s the other side of the music industry. He consorted with editors and journalist´s, who otherwise wrote about him – he was responsible for several artists. At the same time Hardy Krischkowsky studied at the „Hamburg Management academy“ BWL – Business Management.
Afterwards he founded his own promotions company. Some of the stars he promoted, were The Kelly Family, Stray Cats, E.L.O.II, Neil Sedaka, Angelika Weiz and Mathou, who composed the song „You never walk alone“ for the ZDF serial „Freunde für´s Leben ( Friends for life) which made platinum and many other  artists Hit interpretations.
Hardy Krischkowsky worked in promotion management for over 2 years for the internationally celebrated „Friedrichstadtpalast“ in Berlin. Worked together with the well-known Author and treasure hunter of the lost „Bernsteinzimmer“ Dietmar B. Reimann in „Secret Mission“. They both created the trilogy“ Das versteckte Königreich“( The hidden Kingdom) accompanied by the T.V. Teams from MDR and BBC.

The music was always his center point. He works today for the Berlin label “Ice storm“ and „Sanbreeze“ production, working with young musicians producing composing and accompanying their work on the guitar.
He has had and has still many conversations with world famous artists like Chris de Burgh, Gary Moore, Al Di Meola, Paul Kuhn, Rudolf Schenker to name but a few. His happiest moment was when he met Roger Waters, the boss by Pink Floyd.

New Year 2009 is stamped with great expectations: The Project „New-Kowsky“ will be brought to . It means „on to new musical highs“ with like-minded      others and great musicians,......various plans and crews.....new songs.....a new album with his own songs and at last, THE „Gilmour-Project.“