Hardy Krischkowsky                                                                                                                                                      

The Berlin Musician Hardy Krischkowsky and his band „New-Kowsky“are beginning in the new year 2009 a new musical concept with high quality musicians and excellent new songs.

The Project New-Kowsky

The Band is a group of sensationel musicians with a repertoire from Jazz, Disco, Hits to Funk, 100% groovy( to dance to all night long) We play songs from the past to the present day.


The Project Consists of

° Appearances at company Events,

° Technical equipment for all Events,

° Support from Event-companies,

° Help with the developement of your own Event ideas

° Mediation of artists of all different styles,

° Musical accompaniment at public shows and exhibitions.

Current Programme

° Hardy alone, Live high quality guitar music with songs from Roy Orbison to Pink  

° Hardy and Band, with music from different artists,  from Jazz, disco, Hits to Funk,
   100% groovy (to dance to all night long)

° Hardy in duet with Ines Adler with pop songs from Shania Twain to Tina Turner,
   also the unplugged programm acoustic guitar and voices.

° Hardy in duet with, an excellent Diploma pianist and singer  with music 
   from Jazz Country to Rock & Oldies.

° Hardy in duet with, a well known international pianist with classical   
    hotel-bar music from Jazz to Modern day .

° Hardy in Trio with regular Jazz and an
   Extraordinary voice.

The biographies of the various artists can be found under this Link:


The future Project in the planning

° Fly to the stars with the „Gilmour-Project“.....( PINK FLOYD)

still  in developement an exclusive programme , Hardy re-interprets the songs from David Gilmour and presents them with all his fellow artist together.


NEW-KOWSKY is also an event agency  that provides art and music,catering, light and sound systems for all events and concert appointements.

The following offers are available for you.

We can arrange your event evening just as you´d like it, from the smallest stage to the biggest gala-evening, for simply every occasion..... and with the best from the best.
Solo, Duet, Trio, Band. Dance music the cast as small or as big as you want.

Entertaining music in every style, for dinner-parties, for amusement, shows, everything is possible.
You get exactly what you want in combination with a light and sound system that sounds great in closed rooms as well as outdoors, responsible is our sound engineer who knows exactly what it means if it´s too loud! We adjust to your needs and can guarantee a harmonious evening.
The light-designer  turns the evening into an unforgettable event with his stylistic lighting creations. We can also, if wished, offer you Laser and Pyrotechnic´s.
Furthermore  our catering,  offers you every culinary delight to make any event just perfect.

A taste of what we have to offer can be had in summer, as in every year, at the „Gendarmenmarkt“ in Berlin, our classic openair festival and at „Pyronade“ at the „Maifeld“ also in Berlin.

Important for us:
You have the possibility with us to form your event, exactly how you´d really like it!

We plan with you exactly how the event will take form and you choose the music.

You have a direct influence on the event and can express your wishes without refection. We play the music for you and organize the event  just as you want.